Varsity North/South Challenge

19th Annual 2017 Orange County North/South Challenge

Dates: Friday, December 22 & Saturday, December 23

The Orange County North/South Challenge is a two-day event. There are 22 teams participating in the event. All games will be played at TESORO HIGH SCHOOL in Las Flores, California. Each game matches a North County team with a South County team. The student athletes and teams participating in the event are some of the best in Orange County. Tickets for each day will be $8 for adults, $5 for high school students and younger, and free for children under five.


FRIDAY, December 22, 2017 @ TESORO HIGH SCHOOL

Game Time                            Home Team (South)         vs.            Visiting Team (North)

2 pm                                           Dana Hills                              vs.            Marina

3:30 pm                                   San Clemente                      vs.            Godinez

5 pm                                           Woodbridge                         vs.            El Dorado

6:30 pm                                   Aliso Niguel                           vs.            Edison

8 pm                                           El Toro                                       vs.            Huntington Beach



Game Time                            Home Team (South)         vs.            Visiting Team (North)

11 am                                        Laguna Hills                          vs.            Pacifica

12:30 pm                                San Juan Hills                      vs.            Valencia

2 pm                                           Saddleback Valley Christian     vs.            Cypress

3:30 pm                                   Northwood                            vs.            Sunny Hills

5 pm                                           Tesoro                                      vs.            Los Alamitos

6:30 pm                                   Capistrano Valley             vs.            Pacifica Christian

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