Season Starts Tuesday!!!

1.  ALL players wear a shirt, tie, nice jeans or pants to school for ALL games — home or away. If you play away, make sure your player remembers to bring all their gear with them to school in the morning.
Tuesday games: Frosh/JV have a bus taking them to Tustin. Be out in front of the main gym promptly at 1:30 you will ride with soccer.

Varsity will have a 3:45 shoot around at CHS  about 30 minutes and then are on their own for rides to Tustin.

2.  Remember you represent Cypress High at all times, so please make us proud in how you act and what you say.

3.  We understand that games can get intense and we don’t always agree with the way the game is called, but please remember we don’t yell at the referees, players, coaches, or other team’s players, parents, or coaches. As parents, we need to set the example of how we want our players to represent CHS.

4.  We like to encourage the levels to support each other by staying for the other games. Remember we are one team.

5.  If you haven’t paid your $10.00 snack bar fee, please get it to your team mom/coach by Monday at practice. Starting Friday we will be running the snack bar at our home games and need these monies to stock it for the season.

6.  Next Booster meeting is this Thursday (Dec. 11th) at Round Table Pizza @ 7:30.  The time change is due to scheduling conflict.

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