Varsity Summer Clash

Cypress Summer Clash 2019
Cypress High School

GROUP A                       GROUP B
El Toro                            Lakewood
Mater Dei                       Sunny Hills
Huntington Beach        Newport Harbor
Cypress                           Santa Fe

Thursday 7/11
1:00 El Toro vs Cypress
2:15 Lakewood vsSanta Fe
3:30 Newport Harbor vs Sunny Hills
4:45 Huntington Beach vs Mater Dei
6:00 Newport Harbor vs Santa Fe
7:15 Mater Dei vs Cypress

Friday 7/12
1:00 Cypress vs Huntington Beach
2:15 El Toro vs Mater Dei
3:30 Sunny Hills vs Lakewood
4:45 Huntington Beach vs El Toro
6:00 Santa Fe vs Sunny Hills
7:15 Lakewood vs Newport Harbor

Saturday 7/13
10:15 Group A4 vs Group B4
11:30 Group A3 vs Group B3
12:45 Group A2 vs Group B2
 2:00 Group A1 vs Group B1

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