Uniforms/practice gear

Click below to see the flyer for this year’s gear. It’s $65 for both the white, SS shooting shirt and the navy, lightweight Nike hoodie. I will start collecting money and passing out gear this week.

Varsity, we have our first game next Tuesday. Varsity should have their Blue / White uniforms. Remember, you are responsible to keep them CLEAN and return them after the season! Same with JV and FS players, you must keep your Orange / White uniforms clean & in good condition and return them at the end of the season.

More reminders

  • Our AD and coaches expect all players (all levels) to be wearing Cypress practice gear. The jersey tops are navy/white reversible which is needed when we scrimmage.   
  • Coach Wong purchased extras (in the office) for all sizes / random numbers – first come, first serve.   
    Cost: $50 (screened tops & shorts) for incoming new players.
    If you already have one, and want a 2nd pair (so you can wear one and wash the other), it’s only $40.             
    If you are a new incoming Senior, it’s only $40.
    Cash or checks welcome. Please make checks to CBBBC (or Centurion Boys Basketball Booster Club).
  • Coach Wong who will collect the money and handout jerseys.
  • Lastly, if you want shoes, checkout the info on the attached flyer. Totally optional. 

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