Bingo 2018 – 19


Each sport needs to provide ‘workers’ for various Sundays. Boys Basketball shifts this year are:     October 14            December 2,               December 9,
January 6,             January 20,                 
February 3 (Superbowl)           

What we NEED from each of you is $75 ASAP. If YOU choose to work a shift we will refund you your $75. IF you know that you would rather NOT work a shift then we will use your $75 to pay a ‘hired’ worker … known as a BUY-OUT.

A shift is from 2:00-8:30ish and includes a ‘pizza break’.

It usually involves a lot of walking. Workers start their shift by getting ‘pull tabs’ ready for the evening … (counting pulltabs and putting rubberbands around them). After the first hour, workers walk around the Bingo Hall selling pull tabs or other additional bingo games to the 150 bingo players.

The Bingo players are usually regulars that take the game seriously. They are there for fun and to WIN. They can be super sweet and can occasionally get a little ‘testy’.   Nonetheless, they spend a lot of money, and that money funds Cypress Athletics. If they don’t spend the money then our sports cannot acquire some of the needed funds that we get from the Athletic Booster Club. (Our school district and state govt. do not provide the needed funding for sports programs). The parents and the Athletic Booster Club do that.

Boys Basketball benefits 2 ways from BINGO. When we fill our shifts, we get a BONUS $100-$150. But more importantly, our coaches ask the Booster Club for funds every year to make purchases and to cover needed expenses. If the Booster Club feels we do our share of the work in covering Bingo shifts then they are much more likely to decide to support our program. We support them they support us.

Furthermore, the Booster Club has scholarships available upon graduation. Your son is eligible to apply for a scholarship if they have ‘covered’ at least 3 Bingo shifts within their 4 years of play and paid the annual $20 dues to the Athletic Booster Club.

Some parents really enjoy working and others really find they do not like the experience. Either way, we NEED to cover the assigned shifts. If you ARE interested in working a shift, please pick a date and sign up ASAP. If you are NOT interested in working a shift yourself and do not have a family member or family friend who will do it (someone over 18, responsible and out of high school), then we can find someone to cover your shift.

We have a list of workers that want to work. They get paid $75 cash.

Cash is preferred, but if writing a check, make payable to CBBBC. Questions or for sign up email: Monica Papke at