Frosh Pioneer tournament 2019

Pioneer Titan Holiday Classic – 2019

Pioneer High school
10800 Benavon St.
Whittier, CA 90606

Pioneer Titan Holiday Classic 2019

             Pool A                                                                                  Pool B
             Cypress                                                                              Los Altos
Cerritos                                                                                Schurr
Whittier                                                                               Pioneer
Salesian                                                                               El Rancho

Day 1- Monday, Dec. 23rd, 2019                          Day-2-Thursday. December 26th, 2019
12:00pm: Whittier Vs Cypress                                         12:00Pm: Whittier Vs. Cerritos
1:30pm: Cerritos Vs. Salesian                                         1:30Pm: Salesian Vs. Cypress
3:00pm: El Rancho Vs. Los Altos                                    3:00Pm: El Rancho Vs. Schurr
4:30pm: Pioneer Vs. Schurr                                            4:30 Pm: Pioneer Vs. Los Altos

Day 3- Friday Dec. 27th, 2019                                   Day 4- Saturday December 28Th, 2019
12:00Pm: Whittier Vs. Salesian                                       9:00Am- Pool A4 V. Pool B4
1:30Pm: Cerritos Vs Cypress                                           10:30Am-Pool A3 V. Pool B3
3:00Pm: El Rancho Vs. Pioneer                                      12:00Pm- Pool A2 v. Pool B2
4:30Pm: Los Altos vs. Schurr                                           1:30Pm- Pool A1 v. Pool B1

Team listed ON THE RIGHT is the HOME team.
If tie breaker is necessary- 1. Head to head, 2. Most points Scored. 3. Coin Flip