The Asylum Spring League

Asylum Spring League- Week 1 Schedule

Asylum Spring League- Week 1 Scheduleasylum teams

Asylum Spring League Rules and Regulations

American Sports Center does not charge for parking in their lots for The Asylum Spring League.  There are a few options for parking at the American Sports Center:

  1. You can park in the lot directly in front of ASC off of Cerritos Ave. 
  2. You can park in the lot directly behind ASC.  This parking lot is off of Anaheim Blvd. and is right before Cerritos Ave.
    Note:  The lots directly in front of and behind ASC will fill up first.
  3. You can park in the Claudina Lot, which is a short walk to ASC.  Please refer to the attachment for “Parking Directions to Claudina Lot”.  This lot never fills up.
  4. There is street parking off of some of the surrounding streets.  Please pay attention to “No Parking” signs.
    Note:  Directly across the street from ASC is the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace.  Usually they charge a $5 fee for parking in their lot and this lot is not associated with ASC or The Asylum Fall League.

Admission to the Spring League is $5 for 18 & over and $3 for 10 & over.